Sue's Tiny Signers

American Sign Language for Hearing Babies,Toddlers & Adults

                 Why was Sue's Tiny Signers Started?

      Sue's Tiny Signers was founded in 2007 by Sue Stephenson. Sue began her interest in signing back in high school because of her friend who was hard of hearing and used sign language.  From there, the desire to learn more became a life long journey. After earning a Bachelors degree in Education of Persons with Hearing Loss at college, Sue taught in a middle school classroom of students who were Deaf and hard of hearing.  Since 1997, Sue has taught American Sign Language and Deaf Culture to regular education students, children with special needs, a high school gifted program through the local college and adult continuing education classes.

     Out of her passion for signing, Sue began teaching her children, around 5 months old, American Sign Language. They began to communicate their wants and needs, as well as express understanding of the language. Anxious to share this amazing gift of communication with other Parents, Sue's Tiny Signers was founded.  Using Joseph Garcia's SIGN with your BABY© Learning kit, Sue joined the other 700 Certified Sign2Me® instructors to help infants communicate before they can speak. Sign2Me® is the world leader and was the first company ever to develop and offer Baby Sign Language resources using only true-to-ASL signs.


Sue's Family

 I love and cherish my family! They are all such a blessing to me!  My husband, Marc & I met at college and were married in 1999. From the moment we met, it has been a great adventure. I can't imagine my life without him! He is so encouraging & supportive in all I do. Although he is not fluent in sign language, he sure tries hard to use it and understand it! (Especially now that the kids are signing!) 

      In 2006, we had our first child, Isaiah. Such a precious gift he is to us! And may I say he is ALL boy!!  Early on in his adventurous life, Isaiah began signing to us. Around 9 months, Isaiah communicated his wants and needs in sign, we watched his fussiness decrease greatly... and the atmosphere of the house changed! So exciting!  At 3 1/2, Isaiah and I communicate back and forth even when I am on the phone. And if Isaiah doesn't know the sign for something, he asks. Sign Language is such a part of our home.


     In 2008, Rebekah, our daughter was born. (We now have the 'million dollar family' they say.  Who is 'they' anyway???)  At 5 months old, Rebekah began to recognize the signs for 'milk',  ' eat',  and  'more'.  At 9 months she signed 'milk' and 'change'.  And her vocabulary continues to expand! It has been so exciting to watch this communication process build again.  Of course as we sign with Rebekah, Isaiah doesn't want to miss out on all the fun.  He loves signing to his little sister - it's all so rewarding!

     In 2011, we became foster parents and began teaching our two precious additions (age 8 months and 3 years old) sign language.  What a benefit it has been for them and us!  We have fallen in love with them!   I am still enjoying being Marc's wife and the stay-at-home Mommy of Isaiah, Rebekah, &our two foster daughters!  We play, read, laugh, and learn all day long! And although I don't seem to get much accomplished from of my 'to-do' list, I couldn't imagine my life any differently! My family is such a wonderful blessing to me!  And even though our family has grown, I just love signing & can't seem to let it go!

2008                                                                          2010

      2013 ~ we are officially a family of 6 ~ the adoption is complete!  We also moved! Marc accepted a new job position, so the family and MANY BOXES traveled to Chambersburg, PA.  We all are adjusting well. It's been an exciting journey!  Thank you to North Western PA for almost 8 years of friendship, signing, and memories!

                                          ~ Sue's Tiny Signers is now located in Chambersburg, PA! ~

What makes me qualified to teach your little one?

  •  Bachelor's degree in Education of Persons with Hearing Loss from IUP and State Certified Teacher in PA
  • Masters Degree in Special Education  
  • Teacher of a middle school hearing support classroom
  • Passed E.I.P.A (Educational Interpreters Performance Assessment - State requirement for Interpreters)
  • Interpreted in public schools and church
  • Experience teaching hearing babies and adults, Deaf and hard of hearing children, regular education students, and children with special needs
  • Understanding of American Sign Language, the developmental stages of babies, the needs of new parents and is an effective teacher accommodating the multiple learning styles of adults and children
  • Founder of Sue's Tiny Signers ©
  • Mother of 4 children who began learning signs at 5 months old and still use the signs
  • A passion and love for American Sign Language and for Children!
  • Isaiah (2 yr)   Sue     Rebekah (3 days old)