Sue's Tiny Signers

American Sign Language for Hearing Babies,Toddlers & Adults

      Welcome to Sue's Tiny Signers!

                                                 Sue's Tiny Signers is an American Sign Language Program for Hearing                                                                              Parents and  their Babies & Toddlers.  It is designed to improve and ease  
                                                        communication between you and your preverbal baby! 



                   Are you struggling to know what your little one wants?


...You're not alone and We can help.    

 (Yes! This screaming little one is My Daughter!)

Babies pay attention to and understand much of what’s being said to them.  They try very hard to make themselves understood, (grunting, gurgling, cooing and crying), but it takes them a long time to coordinate and control the fine muscles involved with speech. 

But did you know that while speech is difficult, hand movements are easy, even for tiny babies.  Those little fingers easily fold and unfold, grasp and wave, clench and waggle. As young as 6 months old babies can understand, recall signs and express themselves!

Sue's Tiny Signers  Sign Language classes teach the words and concepts you need to know in order to reduce the frustration you and your little one feel when he/she can't express his/her needs.

We use age-appropriate books, games, rhymes and songs to teach American Sign Language, not made-up signs or gestures.  You and your little one will quickly learn and begin using a handful of simple, practical every day signs.

Using Baby Sign Language, you will build a stronger parent-child bond because your pre-verbal child will feel understood and valued.

We encourage you and your little one to sign with siblings, grandparents, and babysitters.  We also offer workshops specially designed for caregivers, teachers, and medical professionals.

Sound interesting?  Take time to see what is available here on our site, visit the links to various resources, and discover the vast research regarding the benefits of using American Sign Language with your baby.  Please call or e-mail us with your questions.  When you’re ready, join Sue's Tiny Signers for a class, an Introductory Workshop, or a Play date class.    

                                                                             There’s something for everyone!